Evaluating Performance

“A talent for ensuring everyone and everything adds value”

Performance is the acid test. Once you’ve set clear expectations and raised accountability, it’s important to be able to evaluate the contribution everyone is making and the return on every investment you make in your people.  We work with you to measure and evaluate the intangibles in your business, applying data analytics to people and behaviour.

  • Why are some of your people performing better than others?
  • How are you measuring the effectiveness of your leadership and management teams?
  • Is your investment in people giving you the return you expect?

What we do

When it comes to evaluating performance, we specialise in measuring mindsets, habits and behaviours, enabling you to measure before and after, and evaluate impact on performance. We help you to understand what’s working and to fine-tune your approach.


Evaluating Performance Services

  • Performance Benchmarking and Job Success Formulas
  • Engagement and retention analysis and benchmarking
  • Performance Potential Index assessment
  • Evaluating ROI of development activity
  • Evaluating ROI of change and transformation activity

How we do it

When it comes to evaluating performance, there are three core areas that we focus on:

Specifying what good looks like

Comparing performance against a known standard

Identifying and quantifying added value.

We use the latest developments in applied neuroscience and psychology to understand your people from all perspectives. We use this insight to evaluate current performance against expectations and make sure you get a solid return on your investment in your people.


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