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Talent4Performance is a fast-growing business with more than 50 years’ experience of delivering performance improvement for business leaders across Kent, London and the UK. With a focus on implementing employee engagement, performance and retention strategies, we use the latest thinking from the field of applied neuroscience, psychology and behaviour analytics to deliver measurable performance improvement.

Drawing on our wealth of experience, we have developed our own Clarity Matrix model. This ensures that leaders focus on the right things at the right time, balancing competing demands of employees and business, and never losing sight of the strategy. The Clarity Matrix provides structure for the wide range of services we offer:

Business Clarity
Our programmes help leaders clarify what business success means, and develop strategies to engage their talent to deliver team performance. When you have clarity of what success looks like for your business and how to get there, you can inspire and engage your people to pull together and share in that success.

People Clarity
Our facilitation services ensure that roles and responsibilities are clear. This means employees know what good performance looks like and how they need to develop their skills and improve. You can then use our behaviour analytics to manage your talent by matching people into the right roles, playing to their strengths. We facilitate strategy development for engagement, retention, learning and development and talent management.

People Performance
We train and coach leaders and managers, building their skills to engage their teams and improve employee and team performance. We train and coach employees to develop new mindsets, habits and behaviours that improve their performance, engagement and retention.

Business Performance
Everything we do is focused on delivering performance improvement. We help you measure performance of employees, teams and the business using a wide range of tools and approaches. We also train and coach leaders and managers to manage change and develop a continuous improvement culture.

From our offices in Kent and Essex, we are well-placed to support our clients across the whole of the South East. Most of our services have been designed to be delivered virtually, so we work effectively with businesses across the UK and globally. Contact us today on 0845 680 0604 or book a free consultation with us to discuss how we can help you improve your team’s engagement and performance.

The Clarity Matrix

Our work is guided by our own methodology – The Clarity Matrix. The product of our combined 50 years’ consulting experience, The Clarity Matrix looks at the four main quadrants of your business identifying opportunities and potential to improve performance.

We discover the DNA of your business using The Clarity Matrix, underpinned by the latest developments in applied neuroscience and psychology, to understand your business from a number of different perspectives. There is always a tension between planning and implementation, often resulting in fire-fighting and a focus on the short-term. This results in running furiously in a hamster wheel, but getting nowhere.  We help our clients break free, so they can progress, respond and adapt to the twists and turns along their own road to success. When you have clarity of what success looks like for your business and how to get there, you can inspire your people to pull together and share in that success. Find out more about our methodologies here.

Our formula for success is

Clarity x People = Performance

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