Developing a GROWTH MINDSET Course

Ensure that your business has a learning culture and that leaders, managers and people at all levels have the right mindsets, habits and behaviours to succeed.


Drawing upon research and writings by Dr Carol S. Dweck, a Growth Mindset is based on the belief that you can develop your abilities and achieve high performance through practice, feedback from others, and learning from your mistakes. Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through their efforts, tend to achieve more than those with a fixed mindset (who give up easily, are defensive and fearful of failure).

Organisations of all shapes and sizes are becoming increasingly aware of the potential to improve leadership performance and nurture leadership potential, just by focusing on the development of a growth mindset.

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Educators in particular have seen the importance of a growth mindset in schools and are set to produce a new generation of young people with high expectations of their employers as they join the workplace over the coming years. Forward-thinking businesses are also seeing the potential benefits of this simple but powerful approach.

About the Growth Mindset Course


Exploring Tensions and Paradoxes

This course explores several tensions that exist within a growth mindset and identifies four key paradoxes that need to be balanced in order to remain highly effective.  At Talent4Performance we see a paradox as having two opposing or contradictory traits or behaviours that are in fact complimentary, yet when they come together are synergistic.

This means developing a ‘Both/And’ mindset rather than getting stressed by the typical dilemma of having to choose ‘Either/Or’.


Highly Interactive and Insightful

The full day course is highly interactive.  All participants need to complete a Harrison Work Preferences Questionnaire prior to attending.  During the course they will each receive their own Growth Mindset Behavioural Competency report and a workbook that provides deeper insights.  The report specifies the essential and desirable traits for effective performance as well the traits that can undermine performance.  The workbook highlights genuine strengths and potential blindspots.

Once they are equipped with these unique insights, participants can explore and discuss the mindsets, habits and behaviours they need to adjust in order to become even more effective.   We also conduct some normative research within the group to explore how much balanced versatility and behavioural flexibility there is in the group.


Facilitating Brain and Behaviour Change

The course is based on the philosophy that awareness enables and motivates change.  When the brain can label and categorise specific behaviours as separate from our personality, we are less attached to them and they become easier to change.  This profound insight gives participants permission to let go of ineffective behaviours, and practise new and more effective ways of interacting with others.

Growth Mindset Behavioural Competency


T4P have developed a unique behavioural competency reflecting the key traits associated with a Growth Mindset.

  • The Growth Mindset behavioural competency has been designed with a group of expert Harrison Practitioners and approved by Dr. Dan Harrison, the developer of the Harrison Assessments psychometric tool.
  • Harrison Assessments measures 175 separate factors and uses Enjoyment Performance Theory and Paradox Theory to break complex behaviours into individual traits.
  • This gives people the ability to identify specific strengths and make new choices about how to overcome any blind-spots that may be hindering success.
  • The assessment is carried out using an online questionnaire, taking approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • We will provide all course participants with a personal Growth Mindset Behavioural Competency Analysis report and help them interpret it.

Growth Mindset Course Outcomes

Each member of the team will have:

Increased Awareness

So they can:

  • Explain the principles of a Growth Mindset
  • And how it can improve performance
  • Increase awareness of their strengths and potential blindspots.

Development Priorities

So they can:

  • Explain the key behaviours of a Growth Mindset
  • Identify key individual development priorities
  • Be motivated to improve and grow.

Coaching Exercises

So they can:

  • Continue working on developing a Growth Mindset after the course
  • Identify people who can support them in developing new behaviours.

New Behaviours

So they can:

  • Consider how old behaviours may have hindered performance
  • Practice new behaviours that will improve performance
  • Ask for specific feedback to improve and grow.

BOOK A FREE 30-minute CONSULTATION below and let’s find out how we can help you develop growth mindset within your organisation to reduce staff turnover and improve collaboration and teamwork!

What Our Clients Say

Your Trainers

Alli Gibbons and David Klaasen are skills practitioners in facilitating Behaviour Change.  They have over 50 years combined experience working with leaders and managers to improve personal and business performance.  They share the latest thinking from the cutting edge of Applied Neuroscience in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.  They are both passionate about creating sustainable businesses that enjoy long term success because they are built on solid foundations.

Alli Gibbons


Alli brings over 20 years of experience supporting organisations to clarify and articulate their strategic direction, putting in place practical plans to transform performance and achieve their vision. She has the rare quality of being able to synthesise leading-edge thinking into practical approaches, enabling clients to address complex strategic challenges. Alli is highly effective at group facilitation and project management, drawing upon her blend of analytical and people skills, along with her experience in large-scale infrastructure projects.

David Klaasen

David Klaasen


David has 30 years’ experience of working with senior leadership teams to ensure that shared values, clear communication and targeted development of people are the furnace that drives business success. He moved into the Learning and Development arena, inspired by the measurable results it can produce, after gaining valuable international management experience in the kitchens of 5 Star Hotels and Michelin Starred Restaurants. David has worked with all levels of management, across a broad range of sectors, designing award-winning and nationally recognised Management Development programmes.

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