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The irregular series of practical tips and insights for busy leaders and managers. 

The Food for Thought series is designed to provide short practical tips to help you:

  • Improve your team’s performance by clarifying complexity
  • Learn more about purpose, vision, values and strategy.
  • Inspire and develop your people for the success of your business using neuroscience and practical tips for overall performance!

Here are some examples of what people say about it:

If you don’t regularly watch David Klaasen’s short videos, I can’t recommend them highly enough. Such great reminders of values and behaviours that drive a modern, values-based, open and accountable working environment. David does a great job of communicating complex ideas simply, and in 150secs or less!

Jonathan Bruun, CEO at the Royal College of Anaesthetists

I really enjoy your video series, and this weeks’ has really got me excited! You explain so easily why people often lose control emotionally, and this doesn’t lead to a confident conversation! You explain things so easily that anyone can understand!

– Rhiannon Stafford, Director and Senior Leadership Development Consultant, Blue Grape Talent –

I’ve been watching your on-line video’s and find them extremely easy to understand and digest (unlike others I’ve tried to watch in the past!)

– Paul Kemp, Divisional Director, Foster Property Management 

Great format, David. Short, crisp and thought provoking. Interesting to learn about an explicit and actionable measure of how our behaviour impacts the behaviour of other’s around us and results in the outcomes we derive.

– Arun Rao, Product Lead, TCS iON –

Thanks – great insights and so very relevant as usual!

– Aideen Whelehan, HR Specialist, Trainer, Coach –

Amazing and insightful video. I appreciate your ability of getting to the heart of a topic or an idea in such a small space of time.

– Joyce Materego, Senior Finance Professional, Mentor and Board Member

Pretty amazing and awesome way of explaining such complex ideas so simply and in such a short duration. Thanks again.

– Parul Tripathi, Transformation Coach

Your ‘bites’ getting to the core of subjects so succinctly mean I never ever pass one by and once again this one is interesting and insightful.

– Shelly Jennings, Professional, Passionate about People.

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