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“Creating clarity and driving performance since 2014”

David Klaasen and Alli Gibbons met more than 20 years ago whilst working together at a Central London Consultancy. In 2014 they decided to join forces and founded Talent 4 Performance because they wanted to expand beyond the confines of their own small consultancies and make an even bigger difference.

Over 50 years of collective experience

Together they have 50 years’ combined experience working with people and organisations to improve their performance. They are both passionate about learning and keeping up to date with the latest developments in the field. They are avid readers, constantly looking for new insights they can use to help their clients.

A tailored approach

As a consequence, they are very familiar with a wide range of approaches, theoretical models and tools, but are deliberately not wedded to any single approach. They believe that it’s important to select the best approach for the particular situation, and so their first priority is to really understand your situation and then offer a fully tailored solution to meet your particular needs.

Alli Gibbons

Alli brings over 20 years of experience supporting organisations to clarify and articulate their strategic direction, putting in place practical plans to transform performance and achieve their vision. She has the rare quality of being able to synthesise leading-edge thinking into practical approaches, enabling clients to address complex strategic challenges. Alli is highly effective at group facilitation and project management, drawing upon her blend of analytical and people skills, along with her experience in large-scale infrastructure projects.

An avid learner with a strong growth mindset, Alli offers powerful insight, effectively combining established best practice with leading edge thinking in strategy, organisational development and personal performance. Known for her engaging and encouraging style, Alli has a strong track record of delivering effective interventions and building lasting client relationships. Alli’s key areas of focus are:

• Providing strategic clarity

• Creating a performance culture

• Unleashing talent

• Delivering personal and organisational success.

She acquired her MBA from the Open University and was subsequently engaged by the OU Business School as an Associate Lecturer.  She was a registered Investors in People Specialist for 13 years and has assessed over 300 businesses, providing recommendations for continuous improvement in organisational development.  She has recently gained qualification in Developing a Coaching Culture.

Alli enjoys fencing with her teenage son and is also involved in competitive motorsport.

David Klaasen

David Klaasen

David has 30 years’ experience of working with senior leadership teams to ensure that shared values, clear communication and targeted development of people are the furnace that drives business success. He moved into the Learning and Development arena, inspired by the measurable results it can produce, after gaining valuable international management experience in the kitchens of 5 Star Hotels and Michelin Starred Restaurants. David has worked with all levels of management, across a broad range of sectors, designing award-winning and nationally recognised Management Development programmes.

He is an enthusiastic and emotionally intelligent communicator who utilises applied neuroscience to clarify complex issues and enable behavioural change. He recently qualified as a Practitioner in Brain and Behaviour Change. His skillful facilitation engages people at every level to play to their strengths, overcome their resistance to change, and be accountable. This approach can often release unexpected resources and innovation amongst management and staff. David’s key areas of focus are:

• Facilitating behavioural change

• Enhancing leadership team performance

• Delivering inspirational training

• Driving results through people.

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, David has demonstrated his deep understanding and knowledge of Strategic HR and Organisational Development. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

He is the author of ‘The 7 Performance Traps in your business’, three multi-media programmes available online and over 100 articles published on various websites over the last 10 years.

David enjoys skiing, SCUBA diving and keeps a clear head by meditating twice every day.

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