WATCH: Can You Identify The 7 Performance Traps

Today, I got to talk about ‘The Seven Performance Traps’. The things that might get in the way from people doing what you want, or need them to do. So, I’d like you to think as I go through these about an individual might not be doing exactly what you want them to do. 

“Don’t Know HOW”

So, the first thing, the first performance trap that gets in the way is that they ‘don’t know-how’. They don’t have the procedures, or they don’t haven’t been trained in how to do what it is that you need them to do. So, you need to make sure that they get that.

Don’t Know WHY

The next one is that they ‘don’t know why’. So, you may have trained them, but you haven’t explained to them exactly why it is that this thing needs to be done or what it is about it, that’s important. 

Didn’t know that they SHOULD

And then the next thing is that they ‘didn’t know that they should’. And that there’s a rule or that there’s a standard that they need to apply. So, you need to ensure that they know what that is and that they should do it. 

They CAN’T

The next one is that ‘they can’t’. And that means that they don’t have the resources, they don’t have the time, money, the people or the equipment in order to be able to do the task properly. So, you need to ensure that they have that otherwise, it’s unfair to expect them to do it. 


The next one is that it’s ‘too painful’. And if it’s too painful, it could be either physical pain, or it could be psychological pain. Now, if it’s physical pain, then they need the equipment or whatever it is protective gear that they need in order to be able to do it. But if it’s psychological, that may need some coaching or mentoring in order to get over the psychological discomfort of doing the task. 


And if you’ve done all of those things, if you covered all the performance traps of one to five, and it’s the next one, which actually comes up very frequently, and you need to think about this yourself. ‘No consequences’. No consequences, either positive or negative. So that there’s no reward if they do it or there’s no benefit in them doing it are nothing actually happens if they don’t do it, for them personally.

MY WAY is Best

And then the last one is actually that ‘my way is best’. And therefore, it’s just that they have a better standard than you. Or they think they have a better standard than you or they have a better-quality level than you and you need to then have a rational debate about what your standards are and what their standards are. And if you cannot agree ultimately you go back to number six.


So, when it comes to Identifying The 7 Performance Traps,

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