WATCH: Creating a Culture of Trust

In this episode, I’d like to talk about  ‘How To Manage For Trust’. Because there’s a huge trust deficit at the moment in many organisations and between many teams and leadership, or teams and their manager. So, these are some of the things that you can do based on the work of Dr Paul Zak, a neuroscientist who actually discovered that one of the core and most fundamental things that helps teams be successful, is the amount of oxytocin that can be produced.


Is a brain chemical that gets produced when there’s more trust. So, when there’s a high level of trust within the team, they’re more collaborative, more innovative, more willing to accept and take on board difficult challenges and be high performing.

So, what are some of the things that you need to do as a manager? Well, he gives eight key factors. And I’ll go through them really quickly for you.

Recognise Excellence

Help people to know what good looks like and recognise excellence frequently. As frequently as you can.

Induce Challenge Stress

Help people to know that there’s a challenge. What’s specifically the challenge is. So, that they get all fired up about it and it has to be achievable. He says it’s really important that the challenges that you give your people are actually achievable.

Give Discretion

Where possible let people make their own decisions  about the way that they’re going to address the particular challenge or achieve a specific goal.

Enable Job Crafting

Help people to build and craft their job around their strengths. So, they’re playing to their strengths and being the best they can be at work. But that also means holding them accountable for the results that they’re producing.

Share information

Share it frequently. The organisations that share information the most frequently have the largest amount of trust within them.

Build relationships

He said build them intentionally. Show people that you care. Show people you’re interested in them, their development, their aspirations and what they’re interested in.

Facilitate Whole Person Growth

Let people know that you want them to develop as a person, as an Individual, to be the best that they can possibly be. And it’s not just about skills on the job it’s about becoming a better person.

Show Vulnerability

Let people know that you also are human that you have your foibles and there’s some things that you don’t get right all the time. But also that you’re credible and you let people know that you are able to be open to ideas and new ways of thinking.

So, when it comes to Trust,

Stay Curious!

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