WATCH: How to Retain Your Best People with the 5 Cs of Post Pandemic Management

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘The Five C’s of Post-Pandemic Management’. Because managers who are able to adapt their mindsets, habits, and behaviours to these Five C’s will be able to better support their staff and better motivate, engage, and ultimately retain them.

Because the statistics are showing that about one in four people is looking to change their job in the next six to twelve months. And managers who are able to keep their people will be able to help their businesses be more successful by saving them money, saving continuity of service and production, and also making sure that the competition are the ones floundering trying to keep their staff, and you know, trying to keep their people.


“Compassionate Leadership”

So, by having a shift in mindsets, habits, and behaviours, managers need to be able to demonstrate ‘Compassionate Leadership’. And that’s about ‘empathy in action’, showing you care. Showing you care about people but also showing that you have self-awareness of your own foibles, of your own triggers, emotional triggers, and your own biases.



‘Curiosity’ is all about asking powerful questions of your people and then listening, genuinely listening to their answers. Especially, questions about what it is that they want from their work. What motivates them? What are their goals? How fulfilled are they in these things? And what do you need to do, and what do they need to do themselves in order to achieve more fulfillment.



Which actually brings me on to ‘Collaboration’. Because collaboration is about having an equity mindset. A mindset where I know all relationships are actually only sustainable over the longer-term if they’re mutually beneficial. So, I need to be able to make requests of people, my team members and colleagues. But also be accepting that they have requests of me and that I need to be able to help them achieve their goals. So that there’s a mutual benefit for everyone.


“Coaching Mindset”

And then there’s a ‘Coaching Mindset’ which is making sure that you’re empathic and listening to people and understanding where they’re at and holding them accountable. You’re not going to let them fail on your watch so that you’re in agreement with them that you’re going to hold them accountable and support them to be great.



And all of that is wrapped up in ‘Communication’, where you have respectful candor with people whether you be straight with them and respect them.

So, when it comes to retaining your people, think about the Five C’s, and Stay Curious!


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