WATCH: Stages of Team Development

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘The Stages of Team Development’. And an interesting model was put together by a chap called Tuckman. And I’d like to talk you through that.

Four Key Stages of Team Development

  1. Forming
  2. Storming
  3. Norming
  4. Performing

And I’d just like to talk you through those.


Is the part where any team comes together for pretty much the first time. Could that be a project team or even a board of directors who are going to put together a company but it can also be when anybody new comes into a team. So, if a new addition to new directors within a board of directors or project team is having to reassemble and regroup around with some new members or even some new initiatives.

And, from the forming stage, people are just then coming together and then they go into the storming.


Stage and storming can be a bit disruptive. It can be where people are trying to assert themselves. Seek who’s got the status, who’s got the power who’s coming up with the ideas, who’s criticising the ideas and who’s helping the team to grow. And everyone’s jostling for power. So, that’s a disruptive and sometimes uncomfortable stage.


And ‘Norming’ is where the team begin to say right these are the rules of the game, this is how we operate. These are the values of the team and everybody knows where they sit and where they fit. And what role they need to play within the team.


‘Performing’ is where the team then begins to say these are our key targets. This is the way we can operate together, high levels of collaboration and actually, producing excellent results. So, the key thing is for you as a team leader, be that managing director of a large business or just a team leader in a project, to say, “Where are we?”. And to be aware of how the performance of the team is affected.

Because let’s say it starts here with ‘Forming’ then it drops when we get to ‘Storming’ and then it moves up through ‘Norming’ and into ‘Performing’. And you need to be aware of where the team is at and then not to get disheartened at this stage. But to able to be able to ‘Norming’ and get to ‘Performing’.

So, help the team through that by clarifying the rules, by helping people understand their roles, move into at Food For Thought insights for busy leaders and managers in just 150 seconds. If you’ve got any comments or questions please drop me a line.

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