WATCH: The 4 Px of Growth Mindset

This episode is about ‘The Four Paradoxes of a Growth Mindset’. If we take a paradox as having two particular traits or behaviours or statements that seem to be contradicting one another and yet when they come together form something synergistic.

We can look at these four paradoxes and explore how they can help us develop a ‘Growth Mindset’.

Insightful Curiosity

It’s about how we expand our thinking through exploring ideas and making conclusions. And, the first trait is ‘Certain’. The confidence to share our opinions and express our opinions clearly. And, the other is being ‘Open and Reflective’, which is about accepting the ideas of others and being willing to change our mind because we’re more interested in the truth. And, what’s right rather than who’s right and having an argument about stuff.

Self Actualisation

And, that’s about how to expand your self-awareness and self-appreciation. And, your capabilities through appreciating what you’ve already achieved and looking at ways to explore and become a better person. And, that’s through

‘Self Acceptance’.

“I’m okay the way I am”,

and ‘Self Improvement’,

“How can I improve and get better?”.

So, this helps us avoid defensiveness or beating ourselves up when we get something wrong. And, making sure that we’re continuously on a path of growth and development.

Sustained Results

Which is about ensuring that we’ve got the

‘Self Motivation’, like wanting a challenge and taking initiatives to do stuff. And, being excited about goals that we want to achieve.

‘Stress Management’, which can occur when we’ve got a lot of drive. So, that we can actually make sure that we got poised achievement and that we’re not burning out.

Focused Innovation

And, that’s all about making sure  that we have the

‘Persistence’ and tenacity to overcome obstacles that may be getting in our way. And, how to avoid becoming stubbornly persistent by actually.

‘Experimenting’, when it’s appropriate to try new things and to find new ways of doing things. So, if you can navigate these paradoxes or when you can navigate these paradoxes and blend and synergise these traits that seem to be opposing one another, we can actually develop a healthy.

‘Growth Mindset’ which will help us to progress in our careers and expand our thinking. And, in fact, expand the thinking of others. Because we’re able to challenge others and look at new ways of doing things and new ways of growing and developing. Both for ourselves and for the people we work with.

So, when it comes to ‘Growth of Mindset’,

Stay curious!

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