WATCH: Promoting The Wrong People Into Management?

This is the next in the series about ‘Engagement from the Inside Out’. How to help people become fully engaged by tapping into their inner drive, their inner desires. And what it does is, It’s developed by Dr Dan Harrison, and it’s developed in a way that helps the management in making decisions and your people to understand, what they really want. 

“Wants Autonomy”

And if they ‘Want Autonomy’, when it comes to authority. If they want autonomy. Freedom from authority to be able to make decisions on their own and things like that. Take action on their own. 

“Takes Initiative”

They also need to have a high ‘Takes Initiative’. And takes initiative in the system is measured by, people who will be able to identify what needs to be done and take action on their own. But if they have a low ‘Takes Initiative’, you really need to have a conversation with them. Say, “well, that’s not going to, that low initiative isn’t going to get you the autonomy that you want.”

“Tolerance of Structure”

And likewise, ‘Tolerance of Structure’ is interesting, because most leaders have actually a low ‘Tolerance of Structure’. And that works well because at many organizations, as you get into leadership positions, there’s very little structure there. And if the person has a need for structure, well that will work in high compliance organizations and things like that. But otherwise, the higher the need for structure, the more they may find it difficult If they’re left on their own.

“Wants to Lead”

Because they’ll need that structure around them. And, another big mistake that a lot of organizations make is, they promote their best performers, to be the Managers of the team, when they may not even want that. So, if you want to promote someone, it’s really useful, if you know whether they want to lead or not. And that needs to be matched with whether they enjoy making decisions. 


Whether they have the ‘Authoritative’ trait. Which is all about the enjoyment of making decisions and taking responsibility for making decisions. Because so often, good technicians, good performers in the team, individual contributors in the team, are made into the manager. And if they don’t have a high ‘Wants to Lead’ score, then they’ll flounder. They’re not enjoying the job, they won’t do it well, everyone else will get demotivated. And that can really damage team morale. So, really check in with whether this person really wants to progress into a leadership role. And then whether they have the support of traits. that’ll help them be useful in that If they don’t, the beauty of this tool, is also, that you can actually find ways to train people in this stuff. help them with decision-making skills, decision making responsibilities.


So, when it comes to Authority Expectations.

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