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Today, I’d like to talk about the ‘Comfort Zone’. And, how it can sometimes keep us trapped in our safety and not go out and experiment. So, if we have a safety zone there or comfort zone.

Comfort Zone

You know, a comfort zone can be useful to make sure your body’s at the right temperature and that you’re fed properly and all those good things. But psychologically, it can be a real danger because you stay trapped. Because, if you think about it, your ‘Comfort Zone’ is like a safe place.

Fear Zone

What I call it. ‘Fear Zone’, where actually it’s really dangerous because you get a threat response. Remember, with the threat response, your working memory goes smaller. You get less working memory available to you. You get a narrower field of vision and you get a generalised threat which creates an overall pessimism.

So, you can go from your ‘Comfort Zone’ into this generalised feeling of dread and things not working and even your brain isn’t working properly. But, what I want to suggest is that you actually step into something else, in between, that makes it a safe thing to do.

 Learning Zone

The ‘Learning Zone’ helps you get into a reward response. And, the reward response is great because that actually helps you to have more cognitive resources available to you. It gives you more insights and increased ideas and it also allows you to have a wider field of view. And, fewer perceptual errors.  Because, when I was actually changing from writing long articles every month. Where I could get into lots of detail 1,500 words often. I could really immerse myself in an idea. Share that idea and share some great conclusions from them based on often do a lot of reading and research that I was doing. And, I had to think and change and go – “Okay, how’d you get all of that in seconds?” That’s going to be a bit of a challenge. But, after doing some thinking about you know what just go into

‘Learning  Zone’. Experiment and that’s what one of these is, this is an experiment. I’d really value your feedback because I want to be able to get across a great idea in just 150 seconds. And, I’d like you to think about how this applies to you. And, what it might be preventing you from doing as well.

So, please do let me know the email and give me your feedback that’s Food for Thought, Tips and insights  for Leaders and Managers within a seconds.


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