WATCH: Is your behaviour helping or hindering recognition?

Today is the next in the series of videos that I’m doing about “Engagement from the Inside Out”. And today, I want to talk about “Appreciation Expectations”. And this is all based on the research by  Dr. Dan Harrison, using his behaviour analytics tool, which measures a number of very interesting factors. 

“Wants Appreciation”

For example, it measures whether someone ‘Wants Appreciation’. That’s an appreciation from an employer for the job well done.  For a good job that they’ve done. 

“Wants Recognition”

Or whether they ‘Want Recognition’.  And that recognition from an employer about the skills, the strengths, the attributes that they bring to the job. 

“Warmth and Empathy”

And also, what it measures is quite interestingly,  whether they have and express ‘Warmth and Empathy’. And here’s what happened with one very interesting case study.  Where I was working with a client and they wanted high ‘Appreciation’. And they wanted, you know,  they had high ‘Wants Appreciation’, high ‘Wants Recognition’. And it was not very fulfilled. They were getting quite low fulfilment scores.  And we could see that in the data. But then when we looked at their ‘Warmth and Empathy’, we were able to say to them, “look your warmth and empathy isn’t very high. You’re not expressing a lot of warmth and empathy to others”. “Perhaps, that has something to do with their willingness to show appreciation and recognition to you”. So, the person was able to go like,  Okay there’s something about my own behaviour that might be impacting why other people aren’t actually fulfilling my needs as well. So, that was a real insight for them. And, then we were able to help them understand that. Give them some exercises to do. And to explore what they could do to improve their own fulfilment like ‘Engagement from the Inside Out’. 

“Wants Opinion Valued”

And, another good example is someone,  another client, who wanted their opinions valued. So, they really had a high score for ‘Wants Opinions Valued’. It wasn’t very highly Fulfilled, because we measured that as well.  


And, then we were able to look at their score for collaboration or  ‘Collaborative’. And that’s about being able to engage with others, and involve others in the decision-making process.  How much do you engage and involve others in making decisions? And their collaborative score was only a five. So, again we had to have this opportunity to have a chat with them, and say like well, maybe if you were more collaborative with others,  and engaged with others and found out what their opinions were, especially, when it comes to decision making, they might value your opinions more.  So, this person could see that their own Behavior was having an impact on their own fulfilment.


So, when it comes to Appreciation.  


Stay Curious! 

So, it’s like finding out what the ‘individual needs’ are compared to what a  survey will gather from anonymous data. So, this is now very individual data that we’re talking about. And this tool can actually identify how much does this person “Want Development”? So, for example, if they want development, let’s say it’s a 9 out of 10. We can actually explore with them what that means, what that looks like. 







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