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Today is the second in the series about “Engagement from the Inside Out”. And today, I want to talk to you about  “Development Expectations”. So, this is all part of the research by Dr. Dan Harrison. And it’s based on the tool that he uses to identify individual expectations. 


“Wants Development”

So, it’s like finding out what the ‘individual needs’ are compared to what a  survey will gather from anonymous data. So, this is now very individual data that we’re talking about. And this tool can actually identify how much does this person “Want Development”? So, for example, if they want development, let’s say it’s a 9 out of 10. We can actually explore with them what that means, what that looks like. 


But also, we can explore how “Enthusiastic” they are about their goals. How enthusiastic and excited are they about their goals? And in this case, with this person, we discovered that it actually wasn’t very high. And, we discovered that they didn’t really have any clear personal goals. So, we’re missing out on that ability to help them access that energy that comes from having a clear goal. 


And also, we noticed that they only had a moderate score of “Self-Improvement”. It goes like, “Yeah, I’m okay, I’m doing fine as I am. Everything’s sort of okay”. It’s almost like; this is keeping them fixed in their comfort zone.  And it’s keeping them almost in a fixed mindset actually. And yet, they want development. So, we have to have a conversation with them. Go, “What is it that you want?”, “How are you yourself going to awaken this energy in order to take advantage of the development opportunities that are available to you? 

“Wants Advancement”

“And, another interesting point is that we can also measure how much they  Want Advancement. And let’s say this is a  9 out of 10. One of the other supporting traits that the tool identifies. Using something called  “Enjoyment Performance Theory”, so it’s not a Personality Theory, it’s Enjoyment. ‘What they enjoy at work’.

“Wants Challenge”

 If they don’t really enjoy having a challenge, we have to have a conversation with them. That goes, “Well you know you want to advance but that’s going to increase the challenge that you’re facing”. “You’re going to have to do the difficult stuff.” “You know, advancing takes effort, it’s going to put you out of your comfort zone”. “Are you up for that?” And, when they realize that their own behaviours are getting in the way of what it is that they want. It releases a huge amount of energy. So, I’d like you to consider when it comes to Development Expectations to have some deeper conversations with your people around these areas.  

So, remember when it comes to Development Expectations.  

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