WATCH: Outputs & Outcomes: Should you be discussing Inputs? Outputs? or Outcomes?

In this video, I’d like to talk about Outputs and Outcomes. And it’s part of the series on Improving Performance.

Outputs are all about the, ‘WHAT?’ 

What is it that needs to be achieved?  And it’s about the tangible, See, Touch and Feel. Stuff you can hold or see. You can see on screen or that you can hold in your hand. And also, that it’s timely. 

So, I had one client who owns a restaurant. And the General Manager wanted to  ensure that the Restaurant Manager delegated the laundry in the right way. So, we talked about all the Outputs that were required. And things like checklists and making sure that the quality was right. That it was all bagged up ready for collection at the right time for the laundry people. For the laundry supplier. When it was coming back, to check, how to check for quality. How to ensure that it was clean. That it was properly starched, and it was just exactly to the required standard. And by what time that needed to be done. 

Outcomes are all about the, ‘WHY?’ 

We then discussed the “WHY’? The ultimate benefit of doing this, and the ultimate vision, and the best possible result. And that’s when it became very interesting. 


The General Manager then wrote down a few notes as to saying it’s all about the quality of the restaurant and creating that fine dining atmosphere with good tablecloths, fine napkins that are easy to fold and that everything is actually very neat. That there’s no damage or frayed edges to things. And that the chefs all have the correct uniform and the waiters all have  the correct uniform. And that gives ultimately a good impression to customers. But he also mentioned at the end that it’s needed, it’s of course important to do it for the best possible value for money. And we just wrote that down and moved on. 


Now, what’s really interesting  about this is. Some people really need to understand the ‘What?’ They want to know exactly what needs to be done. So, they can say “Yeah, I can tangibly measure that I’m successful with this”.  But for other people, it’s sometimes that the ‘Why?’ is actually even more important. It’s like the vision for doing this task. Why bother doing this task? and when he had delegated the task. A really interesting thing happened. 

The Restaurant Manager came back after a couple of weeks from doing it and said “You know what, I’ve been talking to one of my mates in another restaurant and they’ve got this new supplier and they’re really brilliant. Great quality, on time and they’re better value for money. Should we give them a try?” So, this general manager, by actually delegating a task, and adding in that little bit about the outcome was also value for money. Proved to save the whole restaurant money as well. 

So, when it comes to Outputs and Outcomes, Stay Curious! 


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