WATCH: FACT Based Appraisals: Don’t bother with Annual Appraisals!

Today, I’d like to talk about Appraisal. Because I’ve recently been hearing from a lot of Clients. They’re asking me whether they should do appraisals at this time of year or not. Because normally, it’s the annual appraisal. And I’m really no fan of the annual appraisal. I think it’s a waste of time, because it’s often just a turgid exercised by managers that they hate and the staff hate. 

What is a FACT-based approach?

What I recommend is doing a FACT-Based Appraisal. A FACT-Based approach is simple and relatively easy and also quite short. And it’s valuable for both Parties. So, rather than some long eight  page document that nobody really knows how to use and doesn’t like using. I’d prefer a two-page approach. And, that’s available on the website, which I’ll talk about later. So, what you can do is, 

You can just take a FACT-based approach, which is about: 

  • Feedback– making sure it’s two-way.
  • Agree Priorities – What are the priorities now? What are the short-term priorities?
  • What’s the Communication of the bigger picture? Where does their role fit in? Where does their team fit in?  And where is the  organization trying to get to, during  this current time?
  • Training and development – What do they need to learn? What do they need to get better at? So, they could be better next month than they were last month.

Meaningful Conversation

By taking a simple FACT-based approach, you can have a more meaningful conversation. And the key thing is to be able to ask them: 

  • What do you want to develop? 
  • What do you want to get? In order to achieve your Priorities. 
  • What feedback do you need to get from me? As your manager?  as your leader?  In order for you to get Better. 
  • And you can also think about well what feedback do I need from you? In order for me to get better. 

So, it becomes a meaningful conversation rather than just let’s fill out this form. And what we’d like to do is offer you a number of interesting resources on our website which is on the page with the link below. And, then what you can do is browse. You can download the two-page FACT-based appraisal. It’s got set  questions in there, that you can use as prompts or amend as you wish.

And there are also a number of other simple short videos there. Around managing performance, engaging with your people, and making sure that you get the balance of enforcing the rules  and warmth and empathy in balance. 

Because it’s so important these days to show compassion, as well as to say well this is what’s required. This is what we need done. 

So, remember when it comes to managing performance and when it comes to appraisals, Stay Curious!


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Remember . . . Stay Curious!


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