WATCH: The T4P LEARN Process

In this episode, I’d like to discuss the “Talent4Performance LEARN Process”. Because it’s a great way for you to get an excellent return on investment from any learning activity and from your training budgets.


Also forms a very handy acronym to ensure that you can remember each part of the process and that you’re implementing it fully. So, it all begins with ‘L’ is for ‘Learn’, which is about how you acquire information. Be that through live workshops, online, videos, podcasts, articles, you name it. Any way that you learn and acquire information, ensure that the learning needs are met and that it’s through the right learning styles for the learners. And, that the programs are well designed in order to ensure good learning activity. Then after the workshop, it’s also important or after the learning activity to explore.


‘E’ is for ‘Explore’ and expand your understanding of the particular topic that you are learning about or the skill that you are developing. So, there’s always more to learn about something rather than just one off little training intervention.


‘A’ for ‘Apply’.  So, do you take action? If you don’t take action after you’re learning and exploring you’re simply wasting your time and your money. Because, no learning is really going to take place. It has to be taken through specific actions that will help you embed the learning and also find out what works and what doesn’t work in real life.


‘R’ for ‘Resolve’ and this is an area that often gets missed out. Because, it’s about looking at the problems that arise through any learning intervention. You’re going to bump into new ways of doing things, new behaviours or mindsets that are required. And, maybe other people will also be a little bit resistant to trying something new. So, you have to overcome issues and problems and make sure that you’re resolving those by applying what you learned, what you explored and taking new action, new behaviours.


‘N’ for ‘Notice’. So, ‘Notice’ how effective you were in the learning process.  ‘Notice’ how well you expanded your thinking by exploring your understanding. And, how well you actually took action and applied your learning and how well the problems were resolved. Because, if you don’t ‘Notice’ and make a point of evaluating the results. Again, it’ll all be a waste of time.

So, think about this process, especially if you’re doing any training interventions. Speak to us if you want for more information.

And, above all, Stay curious!


With best regards,

David Klaasen

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