WATCH: Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Today, I’d like to talk about a really interesting model by a chap called Patrick Lencioni. And the model is called ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’. 


And, I now share this with a lot of clients. And I was working with a bunch of clients the other day,  and it was really interesting how it facilitated a really amazing discussion. So, what I’d like to do is just go through this with you. So, you can review where you are with your team. And, how you’re facilitating culture in an environment which avoids these five dysfunctions. 



So, the first one is and it’s the base as you can see it’s a pyramid and they’re all requiring that the one below is solid before you can really build on the next one. The first one is ‘Trust’, that you need to have trust with your people. Trust to be vulnerable, trust to be open, trust to be able to make mistakes and admit mistakes. And go, “yeah this is what I learned from my mistakes”. And, know that that won’t be then held against you or that your vulnerabilities won’t be taken advantage of in an unfair or inappropriate way. So, Trust is Fundamental. What are you doing, with your senior team, to be able to ensure that there’s a really solid feeling of trust and safety? To be able to be vulnerable and really work together well.


“Lack of Conflict”

Because, only when you have that, can you actually get into the next one. Which is a ‘Lack of Conflict’.  If there’s no conflict in a team, the team is actually,  well maybe only one person, that dominant person is talking. So, it’s only with trust that you can have the conflict. Where people can express their opinions and be really clear about saying what’s what and why they believe the way they believe. From that, you can get to commitment.


“Lack of Accountability”

And a lot of teams have a ‘Lack of Commitment’.  Because, they didn’t have enough conflict and people weren’t able to be able to say what their concerns where, and what their arguments were. So, there’s no commitment! And then a ‘Lack of Accountability’. How well are people holding not only themselves to account but their peers to account. And not just waiting for the leader to do it all. And, that accountability piece has to be mutual accountability for the team to be successful.


“Lack of Focus on Results”

And finally, a ‘Lack of Focus on Results’. So, if you have Trust, you have a good argy-bargy  Conflict, you get Commitment. You’re Accountable to one another. Then, you can Focus on Results. And really see that you’re a high-performing team. If you’d like to know any more about any of this.  Have a chat with me, do give me a shout, Thank you! 


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