WATCH: The 4 Intrinsic Motivators

Today, I’d like to talk about four fundamental ‘Intrinsic Motivators’ for humans. And whether you’re able to fulfil them yourself within yourself, and help your people fulfil them, within themselves.


So, the first one is ‘Purpose’. It’s really important for you to be able to clarify and help your people to be clear on what the purpose of the organization, team and them as individual is. So, what is your purpose as a leader and what is their purpose as a team member. What’s the purpose of the team and how can you get a clear golden thread going through all of that. Because that is deeply fulfilling. It gives meaning to people. It gets them up in the morning to go, “Yeah, why do I go to work? Well, I know I go to work because I’m fulfilling this specific purpose”. The more we can articulate that, the more deeply motivating it is.


The next one is ‘Autonomy’. How much autonomy and ability to make decisions do you have in your role to fulfil yourself? But also are you giving your people in their role? So, there are specific aspects of their work that they’re able to go, “Yeah, I can choose which way I do this, which way I complete this task, or which”, well, these days, “Where do I work and how do I work and what hours do I work in order to be able to complete and fulfil this purpose?” So, the more clarity it is around purpose, the more autonomy you can give people to let them do what needs to be done in order to achieve it.


The next one, is ‘Mastery’. What are the skills that you need to develop to become a great leader. To become a great manager or as a team member, what do you need to develop to become a great team player. So, that you can help the team achieve its purpose. And, that’s about skill development, but also some behaviours that you might need to practice and become really good at. And ask for feedback. The more we can get feedback on how we’re doing, the more we can grow as individuals. And that’s also about having a Growth Mindset, when it comes to developing mastery.


And, then finally it’s about also about ‘Relatedness’. And that’s becoming increasingly important
with regards to the how we work together. Because, human beings can always achieve more together than they can on their own. So, connection and what’s the thing that you need to do to connect with colleagues or to connect with team members in order to bring all of this together. And to be able to have that deep profound motivation.

So, when it comes to Intrinsic Motivation. Stay Curious!

With best regards,

David Klaasen

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