WATCH: How to Improve your Performance with Conscious Alignment

Today, I’d like to talk about the ‘Logical Levels of Alignment’ that you can use in order to improve your performance. And the model is developed by Robert Dills and it’s got these levels which are actually behind the scenes and often completely beyond our conscious awareness.


But by becoming aware of them, by becoming conscious of them, you can begin to adjust them and make changes that will really turbocharge your performance. So, normally all we ever see is ‘Behaviour’. It’s what we people see people say and do and how they behave in the world. And yet all of this stuff is behind the scenes. It’s in our heads, it’s often beyond our conscious awareness.


And by making ourselves conscious we can improve our performance by thinking about our ‘Capabilities’. What can we do now and what do we need to be capable of? What do we need to master in order to be able to change our behaviours? I’d like you to think about that as what’s a performance improvement you’d like to see and then what are the skills and strategies you need to develop in order to achieve those results.


But behind that is a ‘Belief’ and you need to believe that it’s true or worth doing that those capabilities will actually help you make those changes. Because if you don’t believe it, you’re never going to make the changes. You’re never going to bother to develop the capabilities.


However, in order to influence your beliefs of what’s possible, you need to have clarity about your ‘Values’, about what’s really important. Why should you actually bother to even think about doing these things. What’s the importance level of the thing that you want to achieve or the behaviour you want to develop?


But behind that sits ‘Identity’ and that’s who do you see yourself as in the world? Who do you want to be in the world? So, that you can then say, well, if I’m going to be this leader, I need to make this more important. Make certain beliefs and values more important and then develop capabilities.


And then above that, Why should we even bother to do that? Right? and that’s about ‘Purpose’ why are we here? So, it’s all about being really crystal clear about your purpose in the world and what it is that you believe you’re here to do. Who you need to be, what needs to be Important, your beliefs about that and where they may need tweaking and then the capabilities you need to develop in order to be able to have the behaviour that you want.

So, when it comes to changing behaviour,

Stay Curious!

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