WATCH: Brain Friendly Time Management : Helping your brain to learn (Ep6)

In this episode, I’d like to talk about “Brain-Friendly Time Management” and ‘The Five Principles of Helping You to Become More Effective and More Productive at Work’. And, this episode is about principle number five ‘Learning’ and developing a Growth Mindset around everything you do with regards to managing your time and managing your attention.

The 1% Rule

So, the first thing to consider is how to utilise ‘The 1% Rule’. It’s far better and far more effective to become 1% better every day at a number of different things, rather than just trying to be 100% better on one day on one particular thing. So, for example, we’ve been talking a lot in this series about how to be able to take control, how can you become 1% better at taking control.

Tracking Your Time

We talked about ‘Prioritising’. How can you be 1% better today than you were yesterday at prioritising. And, how can you become 1% better at ‘Focusing’ your attention especially in ‘Structuring’ your day around your biorhythms. So, that you’re utilising the specific times of day when you have maximum attention to do the most important tasks that you need to do. I’d like you to consider ‘Tracking Your Time’ so you become more mindful about what you’re doing with your day. And, it’s really useful every couple of months or so to take a list and write down roughly every 15 minutes, what it is that you’re doing and then become conscious by analysing that.

Regularly Reviewing

And ‘Regularly Reviewing’ it. How well are you utilising your time? How effective are you being? What sort of interruptions are you getting? And, when are you utilising or squandering your time?


And, ‘Evaluate’. Evaluate what you’re doing with regards to what you’re learning but also evaluate the value that you’re bringing to your work. Where’s the maximum value contribution that you’re making to your role, your job, the people around you and keep track of that. And, how can you improve that by being more effective with your time.

Seeking Continuous Improvement

And then finally, it’s about ‘Seeking Continuous Improvement’. And, that’s all about considering everything that we’ve been saying on this series around your brain chemistry. Around helping your brain to be really focused and optimised by being clear about what you want and using dopamine to energise you. And being clear about the threats that may be created and managing your adrenaline.

So, that it doesn’t disrupt your prefrontal cortex. Because when it comes to Time Management…

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