WATCH: What is Spiritual Resilience and How Do You Develop It?

Today, I’d like to talk about developing ‘Spiritual  Resilience’. And it’s very linked to Spiritual Energy but Spiritual Energy is actually different to the other energies I’ve been talking about in this video series.



For example, with Physical Energy and Physical Resilience, you can feel that in your body and you can exercise in order to improve it. With Emotional Energy or Emotional Resilience, you can also feel the intensity of your emotions and what you can do to be able to moderate those and calm them down. With regards to Mental  Energy, well you can think about your thinking and your focus, and to be able to do exercises in order to develop that.

But with Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Resilience, it’s much more subtle.  It’s much more intuitive. It’s much more coming from a deep inner knowing and knowing that you have a meaning in your life. And knowing that you can make a positive contribution to others and the world that you live in. And, there’s a very interesting psychologist called Victor Frankel, who survived the concentration camps of the Second World War.  And he was a psychologist observing what was going on around him and he noticed that the people who gave up, the people who had felt that there was no hope anymore, who had lost their sense of meaning or purpose actually, passed away. And, he actually wrote many books around this topic and in one of them he quoted and said that “If we have a clear why to live, we can bear almost any how”.

‘Meaning and Purpose’

Spiritual Resilience is being really clear about your why about the ‘Meaning’ of your life. And, the meaning of the contribution you can make and the purpose of your life and the purpose you can make to others. The positive contribution you can make to others. So, I’d like you to consider this and I’d like to consider what are your unique strengths, experiences, and you know, the way that your brain is wired, which is totally unique. No one has a brain like you. What’s the contribution you can make to others?



And I’d also like to mention ‘Values’. So, that you’re clear about, and get really clear about your values. About what’s most important to you. So, that you can be congruent with that and live a purposeful life. Aligned to your values and that’s what gives you Spiritual Resilience.

So, when it comes to Spiritual Resilience. Stay Curious! 


With best regards,

David Klaasen 

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