WATCH: What Are Your People’s Personal Expectations?

Today, I’d like to talk to you about ‘Engagement from the Inside Out’. And it’s the next in the series about this topic. And in particular, ‘Personal and Social Expectations’.

So, this is developed by Dan Harrison, using his behaviour analytics tool. But it can also be a really good topic of conversation to have with your people, to see where they’re at with these needs and desires. These expectations that they may have and how you can ensure that you can fulfil them.


“Wants to be Informed”

So, the first is ‘Wants to be informed’. And someone who’s high on ‘Wants to be informed’, you need to have a conversation with them about what it is that they want. What sort of information do they want? Is it financial information? Is it information about the company’s strategy? Or what’s going on in the department? So, that you have that fulfilling their needs. And, find out what sorts of specific information they want.

“Wants Capable Leader”

If they have a high ‘Wants Autonomy’, then they need to have a manager who will give them a lot of autonomy. Or if they have a high ‘Organized’ trait or a high ‘Helpful’ trait, again, it’ll be important to have a manager, who is also very helpful and who’s also very organized. Otherwise, there could be a breakdown in the conversation. A breakdown in the relationship. The person won’t respect their manager and won’t be very loyal to their manager. They’ll sort of complain about them and moan about them behind their backs and things like that.

“Wants Personal Help”

The next one is ‘Wants Personal Help’. Now, this is not an indication of whether the person needs help at this moment. It’s should something arise, that is of a personal nature, they have an employer that will look after that personal need with an Employee Assistance Program or something like that.

“Wants Stable Career”

And then, ‘Wants Stable Career’. If someone has a high ‘Wants Stable Career’ score, then they need to have a conversation around. Or you need to have a conversation with them around the topic of the stability of their job. Stability of the business and what’s going on in the business. That they can see into the future, that there is stability. And, be aware that they may get very stressed. If there’s a lack of stability in the role. 

“Wants Social Opportunities”

And, then finally we look at ‘Wants Social Opportunities’. How much they ‘Want Social Opportunities’. What sort of opportunities do they want? And, whether they’re outgoing or not. Will they take advantage of those opportunities?


So, when it comes to Personal and Social Expectations.

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