WATCH: Supporting Work-life Balance From The Inside Out

Today is the next in the series about ‘Engagement from the Inside Out’. And in particular today, I want to talk about ‘Work-Life Balance’ which is now becoming a very big topic. And, it’s really useful to be able to get some data from your people about what their expectations are. Using tools like the Behaviour Analytics from Dr Dan Harrison which these topics are based on. If you want to know more about that, do get in touch.

“Wants Work-life Balance”

But, it’s useful anyway to think of these topics and then to explore these areas with your people. Whether you have the data on them or not. But, it’s really powerful to have the data. If we have someone who has a High need or wants for ‘Work-Life Balance’, 

It’s really useful to be able to talk with them about how relaxed and calm they are at work. This person is not relaxed. They’ve got a low relaxed score. So, they’re actually quite tense at work. They’re experiencing a lot of tension at work.

And, they’re low on ‘Managers Stress Well’. So, they don’t deal with stress very well when it occurs. And, that means that they need to be watching out that they could actually be going towards burnout. And this person, while they have a high tolerance of deadlines. They enjoy working to tight deadlines. They’re not particularly good at dealing with the stress that sometimes comes with that. So, they could be on a road to burnout. And then it’s really powerful to be able to have a conversation with them about stress management. The principles of stress management, relaxation, and what they’re doing about that. Because if they don’t manage this well, they’ll never get that. No matter what you do at work. So, it’s about having a conversation with them. Some of the fundamentals. Are they getting exercise? Are they being able to sleep well or ensure that they can sleep well? Are they able to eat well? And do they have hobbies and things that take them away from that notion of work or ruminating about work?

“Wants Flexible Work Time”

So, it’s really powerful as a manager to have a conversation with your people about where they are with their levels of stress. This data gives you an instant insight into it, which is very very powerful. And then another way to look at this is to say “How much flexible work time do they want?”. What’s the conversation that they want to have around flexible schedules, flexible working schedules or flexible holiday schedules? And, that also is becoming increasingly important to people who want to have a balance with their home-life and their work life. And, maybe working at hours that are not just the normal nine to five.

So, when it comes to Work-Life Balance Expectations.

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