WATCH: Who Is Responsible For Your #Attitude And #Behaviour?

Today, I’d like to talk about ‘The Betari Box’, which is a model that actually, clearly defines how our attitude drives our behaviour. So, ‘My #Attitude’ will drive ‘My #Behavior’, which then actually can have an impact on ‘Your Attitude’ and ‘Your Behavior’, which will, in turn, drive my attitude in my behaviour. And what we get is this loop.


And have you ever been in a meeting, where two people, seem to be driving each other completely nuts? Both talking over and at one another. Rather than to and with one another. And they’re sparking each other off. And it even seems they’re not even listening to each other. So, they’re both trying to be adamant. That, the other person is in somehow wrong. And their attitude is driving their behaviour.

And, the person is having their attitude sparked up. And, that’s driving their Behaviour. And, it all gets a bit messy. So, what we need to do with this sort of Thing. And, why this model is so useful is, we need to recognize it happening. And, then take a breather. Take a bit of a step back. Become more mindful. What am I feeling? And what thoughts are going through my mind? And, is that even true. Because, when we get all wound up. We actually, get a bit stressed. And, then we have adrenalin going through our system.

And then before we know it, our brain is beginning to make pessimistic connections. Have tunnel vision, so we’re not even seeing clearly. Not seeing the bigger picture. And we’re having accidental connections in our brains. Which are actually nonsensical sometimes. And, we have a pessimistic bias on them. So, everything is beginning to look really negative. Another thing to do is just to be able to take a deep breath and relax a little. And, think “What’s actually, going on here?”. “What am I feeling?” “What am I thinking?”. And, perhaps “Why am I being triggered like this?”. What can I do to calm this down and really listen to the other person? What are they saying? What are they not saying? What must be true for them, to even say that stuff.

What’s their frame of reference, that has then be so upset. Because it’s probably your behaviour that’s driving them nuts as well. And, that’s not going to help. So, the more mindful we can be, especially in some challenging conversations. And, think about the Betari Box. And, how easy it is to get stuck in this loop. The more we can be mindful, relaxed, and get to the truth.


So, when it comes to your #Attitude And #Behaviour.

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