WATCH: The 7 Performance Traps

This episode is about ‘The 7 Performance Traps’ that can get in the way of people performing at their best. And, what it is that you, as a manager or a leader of people need to do in order to ensure that these traps don’t prevent that high performance.

Didn’t Know They Should

So, are you really clear about the outcomes that they need to produce? Either through an outcome-based job description or clear standards or procedures. And, that they know that it is something that they should do. You’re clarifying expectations.

Didn’t Know How

Some people would simply grind to a hold if they don’t have a very clear procedure for doing something. That they won’t just muck in and try it themselves. They need to know that they can do it the right way and not make any mistakes. Ensure that they follow the procedure.

Why Bother Doing This Task?

“What’s the point in it?” So, they need to understand the bigger picture, the benefits and understand what else will happen because of this task being completed.

They Can’t

Now that can’t mean that there’s one of four things getting in the way. Which is usually, not enough people, not enough finances, incorrect equipment or mostly time. And, so you need to ensure that you’re giving people the resources they need in order to do their job.

It’s Too Painful

It could be either psychological pain or physical pain. Physical pain means that they’ll probably need to have the proper equipment or kit in order to be able to do the job. And, psychological pain means that they’ll probably need some coaching in order to be able to overcome their emotional discomfort with the task. Be that making sales calls or collecting money through Credit Control or things like that. That they’ll need some psychological support. Some coaching in order to help them over that.

My Way Is Best

This means that the person has a very clear standard for the method of doing something or the reason for doing something their particular way. They think that their standards are actually higher than yours. So, you need to have a discussion with them about that. And, if you’re flexible in your thinking, you can say, “Hey, you know what that’s a great idea let’s do it that way!” or clarify your standards. And, ultimately, if you’ve done these six things. And, you’ve checked all of these.

No Consequences

You need to think about what the consequences are for that person if they don’t complete the task. Because, when it comes to ‘Performance’.

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